7 Free Jekyll Themes You Should Check In 2018

Jekyll is a blog aware static site generators which means you can use it primarily for two things: The first thing, you can use Jekyll to build any static website which doesn't need database access or any The second thing,server side functionality besides serving files to requesting clients . You can use Jekyll for powering your blog or as an CMS(Content Management System) platform. As a bonus of using Jekyll you'll get free and high quality hosting using GitHub pages.In fact Jekyll is the engine behind GitHub pages and it was created and supported by GitHub.So if i've convinced you to use Jekyll as your blogging platform or you are already a Jekyll user here's some free Jekyll themes you can check :

Skinny Bones Jekyll Starter:

This one is more than a Jekyll theme,in fact it's a starter which you can use to jump start your static blog or site .It has a minimal style with many great features which makes it very easy to use to build a Jekyll site in a matter of hours .Some features of this Jekyll starter are:

It's compatible with Jekyll 3.

Styles are build with sass.

Site navigation is built with data files .

It has ready partials or includes for Discus comments,social sharing ,Google Analytics,Google Adsense and table of

contents etc..

Pagination without Jekyll pagination plugin which is not included by default(optional) with Jekyll 3.

Many customization layouts .

The author is mmistakes.

You can check a demo here.Also you can download from this GitHub repo.

Gaya Jekyll Theme:

Gaya Jekyll theme is SEO freindly and responsive theme built by gayanvirajith .The features of this theme includes:

Responsiveness ,you can use it with any device .

Discus comments and Google Analytics.

Supports Video and soundcloud posts.

You can check a demo here.

Fork or download from GitHub

Jekyll Metro Theme:

Jekyll Metro is Jekyll theme inspired by Metro interface,it's built using the Twitter CSS bootstrap framework and has many builtin features such as:


Social Media integration.

Google Analytics integration.

Discus integration.

Builtin pages for About Me,Home Page etc..

Blog features such as pagination.

Easy Colors customization.

Check a demo of this nice Jekyll theme here

Download from this link.


Exemplar is nice Jekyll theme with minimal styling and beautiful typography ,i like it especially for its typography which provides good reading experience for your blog visitors ,it's build using the sass framework Bourbon .

It uses many great fonts such Bebas Neue, Adobe Source Sans Pro, Adobe Source Code Pro

The author of this great theme is typenz

You can check the demo here

Download or fork via GitHub

Jekyll Incorporated:

If you need to build site for your company or a client's company ,Incorporated is the Jekyll theme that you need.It's a simple and beautiful content focused Jekyll theme and has many features such as:

SEO and social sharing friendly.

Lightweight and responsive.

Easy to customize.

The theme author is kippt

You can see a live demo of Incorporated theme via this link.

Agency Jekyll Theme:

Agency theme is a perfect theme for an agency website .It has sections for services ,portfolio and team .You can use this theme to build a static site for your agency/company in one hour and host it from free with GitHub pages .

See a demo of Agency theme from this link.

You can download the theme from GitHub from this link.

{Personal} Jekyll Theme:

The last awesome Jekyll theme is {Personal}.As it name suggests it's built for personal/resume websites.It's responsive and has many great features such as:


Google Analytics

Easy and full customization options via _config

Blogging functionality.



You can see a demo here!

Download it from this GitHub link.or just fork it directly from GitHub and change your site data and CNAME info to

link to your domain name.


So that's all Jekyll fans.I hope this was helpful for you as it was for me and see you soon for another post .

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