Angular 15 Badge

Angular 15 Badge

Angular 15 Material's mat-badge component is a simple text label that is overlaid on top of an icon or other content. It is used to display small notifications or status indicators.

To use the mat-badge component, you need to import the MatBadgeModule in your Angular module and add it to the imports array.

Here is an example of how to use the mat-badge component:

<button mat-icon-button [matBadge]="notificationCount" matBadgePosition="above after">

In this example, we have a button with a notification icon and a mat-badge component. The mat-badge component is bound to the notificationCount variable and is positioned above and after the button using the matBadgePosition attribute.

The mat-badge component has several other options and features that you can use to customize its appearance and behavior. For example, you can use the matBadgeColor attribute to specify the background color of the badge, or the matBadgeSize attribute to specify the size of the badge. You can also use the matBadgeOverlap attribute to specify whether the badge should overlap with the content or not.

You can find more information about these options and other features of the mat-badge component in the Angular 15 Material documentation.