This is an online and virtual arabic keyboard which allows you to type in Arabic alphabet if you don't have a physical keyboard which supports the Arabic language.

You can use this online keyboard in two ways:

  • Using your mouse: you can use the mouse to use the virtual arabic keys on your screen
  • Using your latin keyboard: you type with your keyboard and the JavaScript system will take care of transliterating your input to equivalent Arabic letters and numbers

Virtual Arabic Keyboard v1.0

If you are wondering what the Arabic Keyboard is? then simply it's a virtual keyboard which allows users to write in Arabic alphabet using either an English keyboard or their mouse. So if you are interested to learn Arabic or you need to type some text in Arabic language and don't want to buy an Arabic keyboard and replace your own keyboard just for the sake of typing some text, we have the solution for you in a form of a desktop and online web application, you can use the convenient and more confortable choice for you. The desktop application can reside on your operating system so you can use whenever you need event if you are not connected to the Internet. As for the online web version, you can use it without downloading anything whenever you want and thanks to PWA (Progressive Web App) technologies you can actually use it when you are also offline but of course the first time to start using it you'll need to be connected to the Internet.

How Does the Arabic Keyboard Work?

The Arabic Keyboard works using a JavaScript transliteration system that converts the typed latin characters into their phonetically equivalent Arabic characters. There are many available and commonly used transliteration systems which you can use in our application including a custom transliteration system created by us.

How to Use the Arabic Keyboard?

Arabic Keyboard for Desktop vs Web Version

Arabic Keyboard Settings and Configuration

Why Not Buy Arabic Keyboard Stickers?

How to Buy Arabic Keyboard Stickers?

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