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All serious business out there has a main and common goal, which is generating leads or in another way converting their website visitors to customers.One way to achieve this goal is by taking advantages of email lists or subscribers .The majority of your visitors will never come back to your website unless you give them a strong reason to come back or remind them by giving them the possibility to subscribe when they first visit your website .

Popups are one of the most useful tools to increase email list subscribers and generate leads via your website. If you use WordPress as a platform for running your website ,adding popups to your website takes seconds with ready to setup and use popup plugins ,either free or paid ones .WordPress developers have created many popups plugins which you can use right away but you need to be careful of what plugin to use .Before choosing your plugin make sure it doesn't have these common problems:

The plugin is not slowing your website by taking too much time to load or by consume too much resources, which will impact negatively your SEO.

The plugin is not annoying your users witch will impact negatively the user experience obliging users to stop visiting your website.

The plugin has features that allow you to effectively generate leads and boost your email subscribers list.

The plugin is easy to use with a comprehensive documentation and can be configured and exploited by any WordPress user .

Now i'm going to list to you the best existing WordPress popup plugins based on their performance and quality .


Very user friendly.

Easy to use user interface.

Highly optimized for speed.

Has multiple optin types

Use Exit-Intent® technology fot displaying popus when users are about to leave your website.

Can be used with or without WordPress.


Has multiple optin types

Has a locked content feature ,users must enter their email to unlock some content.

Has many ready and customizable templates.


Free with limited features and an upgrade plan for additional features .

Basic customization.

Easy to get started with.

Can be used with or without WordPress .


Has multiple optin types.

Has exit intent technology.

Difficult to get started with for average and professional WordPress users

Heavy in size ,around 15mb

Has builtin templates which can be customized using visual composer.

target campaigns with different types of options.

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