What is new with C++ 2017

I have always admired the C++ language since the first days of my programming journey .C++ is the first language i’ve learned and used ( alongside C ) and this is the case of many developers around the world so what is C++ ?

C++ is an object oriented language based on C ,more properly it is an extension to C .It was first called C with classes when it was created by Bjarne Stroustrup about 33 years ago .C++ is more powerful than Java because unlike Java it is a native language which don’t need any virtual machine to run .C++ has modern OOP features but still close enough to the machine which makes programs written in C++ faster than their counterparts in Java or any modern OOP language.


C++2017 is a new era in the evolution of C++ language which introduces a set of modern features such as

Dynamic memory allocation for over aligned data

Forward process guarantees (FPG)

Structured bindings

if (init; condition) and switch (init; condition)

constexpr if

Inline variables

Etc .

Unlike modern OOP languages such as Java C++ is complex and hard to learn or use . The language has many different ways of doing things .C++2017 tries to simplify the language and adds more modern features .

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