Getting started with Cordova

On the previous post ,we have introduced Cordova and we have said that

It's an open source platform or tool for building hybrid and cross platform mobile apps using the web technologies you are already familiar with them if you are a front end web developer

Even if you are not a web developer ,learning HTML ,CSS and JavaScript is much easier than learning Java ,Swift or C# .

Even worst than that ,you need to learn the three languages and their mobile related SDKs if you want to build apps to target Android ,iOS and Windows Universal Platform

Thanks to Cordova you learn just HTML ,CSS and JavaScript (But I guess you already know them ) and you can build for the three platforms with the same code base.

But don't forget ,depending on your app requirements sometimes you'll be obliged to use native platforms languages for example for apps that has extensive use of GPU or CPU .

Now enough theory about Cordova .Lets see get started !

What you will learn ?

  • How to generate a Cordova project using the Apache Cordova CLI
  • How to store data with a SQLITE database
  • How to access and use some important native features such as the Camera ,The Geolocation and Contacts list .
  • How to handle mobile related tasks such as scrolling and touch events .
  • How to use Angular and Bootstrap for respectively code structure and UI styling .

Tutorial requirements

As we have said previously you need to have some knowledge of HTML ,CSS and JavaScript .

You need to have Node.js and NPM installed so you can install and use the Cordova CLI

If you want to build your app for Android ,you need to have Java and the Android SDK installed on your system.

If you want to build for iOS ,you need to have a MAC system and Xcode installed .

For development you can create your app and test it on the browser without any platform requirement (except for Nodejs)

But for testing native features you need a real device attached to your computer with an USB cable .

See you on the next post : Create first Cordova project

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