Godot engine vs Cocos2d

Recently both Godot and Cocos2d engines have gained a lot of attention from the game development community .They have also been actively developed and adopted by many game developers so their communities are starting to grow .In fact Cocos2d has already a great community around it since it’s a port of an old and very powerful 2d game engine ,the Cocos engine for making 2d iPhone games .Because of its success it has been ported to many language such as Java ,C++ ,JavaScript and HTML5 .

Cocos2d is obviously dedicated to 2D game development while Godot can be used to make 2D and 3D games .

Both engines are open source and free so you won’t find any problems regarding your first budget .You can use them for free and sell your games without paying anything to game engines owners ,which not the case of many popular and widely used commercial games engines like Unity engine as an example .

Cocos2d is a family of game engines which have common design and concepts but designed for different programming languages .You can use either C++,JavaScript and HTML5 or Lua with Cocos2d engine .C++ is the most powerful programming language and also the most used language for making games .JavaScript is the language of the web and Lua is the most popular game development scripting language .You can switch between any cocos2d family member with ease provided that you know the language .

If you are a web developer and want to start making 2D games you can use Cocos2d with JavaScript and start your game development journey without any waste of time .

You can use Godot engine either with C++ or GDScript which is a small set and focused version of Python language .It’s easy to learn and use .Recently you can also use C# for developing games with Godot engine .

Cocos2d is a very proven 2d mobile game development engine .Statistics show that 25% of 2d games created for IPhone are built using Cocos2d-x which the C++ version of Cocos2d family of engines .




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