Godot engine vs GameMaker studio

In previous post we have seen a Godot engine vs many popular engines either commercial or free and open source projects such as Unity ,Cocos2d family of engines and LibGDX .Godot is a free and open source alternative to Unity engine which can be used to build 2D and 3D games completely for free ,You won’t pay any dime either when using the engine or when selling your games .

In this post we are going to make another comparison between Godot and another engine ,well in fact it’s not an engine but a game studio ,there is a big chance that at least you have previously heard of it ,it’s GameMaker studio .

To make a utile comparison we need to compare both Godot engine and GameMaker studio in terms of many important criteria such as their community , documentation and learning resources ,Cost and general easiness of use .




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