How to install and use Unity engine under Linux-Ubuntu

Unity game engine is one of the most popular game engines in the world .It’s easy to use ,has good documentation ,a lot of resources on the web and very healthy and awesome community around it plus although it’s a commercial engine you can start using it to build 2D and 3D games for free until you make a good amount of money selling your Unity game ,fair enough !

Since I’m a linux user ,I have always found a problem with Unity because until recent years there was no support for Unity on Linux distributions such as Ubuntu or CentOS .So to use Unity engine you had to switch to Windows which is not a good thing for an engine as popular as Unity .I have tried to install it with Wine but didn’t work for me .In recent 2 years the Unity team has decided to release an official version for Linux .In this tutorial i’ll show you how you can install Unity engine under your Linux based system and start building games using your favorite game engine and operating system .

First of all ,Unity does only support 64 bit processors under Linux so if you have a 32bit processor you can’t use Unity under Linux but you can under Windows .If you have a 64bit machine but you have installed a 32bit Linux system then you need first to grab a 64bit Linux system and install it then you’ll be able to run Unity .

For Debian and Ubuntu users you have an official Unity .deb package that you can use to install Unity under your system in just one click.Download it from here

If you are using any non debian based system such as Ubuntu then your only chance to use Unity under linux is by using this unofficial platform agnostic installer Next go to your download folder and give executable permissions to your .sh file then execute it

If anything goes wrong make sure you have installed libpq5 and NPM




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