How to Install Laravel 11 Application

How to Install Laravel 11 Application

Learn how to effortlessly install the latest Laravel 11.x-dev application with our step-by-step instructions. Follow this concise guide to set up your Laravel 11 environment with ease.

Are you ready to install Laravel 11.x-dev on your Ubuntu 22.04 system? Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, this guide will walk you through the process.

1. Prerequisites:

Before starting the installation process, ensure that your system meets the necessary prerequisites. These prerequisites include specific versions of PHP, PHPUnit, Guzzle, and other dependencies required by Laravel 11.x-dev. Make sure you have PHP version 8.2 or higher installed on your system, along with PHPUnit version 10.1 or later. Additionally, ensure you have the required PHP extensions and libraries installed, such as Pint, Guzzle, Termwind, Collision version 7, Monolog/Monolog version 3, Symfony packages upgraded to version 6.3, and Predis version 2.

Before you begin, make sure you have the following prerequisites:

  • PHP version ≥ 8.2
  • PHPUnit version ≥ 10.1
  • Pint
  • Guzzle version ≥ 7.2
  • Termwind
  • Collision version 7
  • Monolog/Monolog version 3
  • Symfony packages upgraded to version 6.3
  • Predis version 2

2. How to Install Laravel 11

To install Laravel 11.x-dev, follow these steps:

  • Open your terminal.
  • Run the following command:
composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel laravel-dev dev-master


  • laravel/laravel: This package facilitates the installation of Laravel.
  • laravel-dev: Designates the directory for your new project (you can modify this).
  • dev-master: Represents the upcoming version of Laravel.

3. Running the Laravel 11 Project:

Once the installation is complete, navigate to your project directory and run the following command to start your Laravel 11 project:

php artisan serve

You can now access your project at http://localhost:8000.

4. Upcoming Laravel 11 Features:

Keep an eye on the official Laravel channel for announcements regarding new features in Laravel 11.x-dev. Here are some insights:

  • PHP 8.2 will become the minimum supported PHP version.
  • Taylor Otwell has introduced a new minimal Laravel 11 skeleton.
  • New services and tools have been introduced, including Folio, Volt, Herd, and Prompts.
  • Preparations for Laravel Octane 3 are underway.

Stay tuned for further developments, including PHP 8.3 support, Laravel Livewire version 3, Filament version 3, Saloon version 3, and more.

Thank you for reading! Stay updated with our blog for the latest in Laravel 11 development.