Ionic 2 enableProdMode()

Ionic 2 uses Angular 2 ,the next version of the popular Google client side framework .Angular 2 is more powerful than Angular.js and provides more performance and speed on mobile and desktop .

In development phase ,Angular 2 works on development mode which has assertions and various necessary framework checks turned on .

After serving your Ionic 2 app using the browser ,if you look on the console you are going to find an Angular 2 message telling you that Angular 2 is running on development mode and that you need to enable the production mode using enableProdMode() function .There is a good reason for this so if you just enable Angular 2 production mode you are going to :

  • Have a good boost on performance and speed of your Ionic 2 app :the device ready event will fire much sooner
  • Reduce the app size by half .

How to enable Angular 2 production mode ?

To enable Angular 2 production mode in Ionic 2 we use the enableProdMode() function .Here is a detailed example on how to do it .

First of all, open src/app/main.ts

Then import enableProdMode from Angular 2 core

import {enableProdMode} from '@angular/core';

import { AppModule } from './app.module';

Then call the enableProdMode() function before bootstraping your module




So that is all for this short tip tutorial where I just showed you how to enable Angular 2 production mode on Ionic 2 when you are ready to build and publish your mobile app to increase performance and speed ,and reduce app size .

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