How to display a loading indicator/spinner in Ionic 2 apps using LoadingController

The user experience is considered as a very important factor for a successful mobile application . Among things that constitute a good user experience is visual feedback which means your users are getting feedback of what is going on with your app every time your app is working on some UI blocking task .

For example if you app is getting some data from a remote database (which may take a significant time ) then you should display some visual indicator which tells your users to wait for data to be completely received and in the same time block the UI to prevent users from repeating actions or otherwise they may repeat actions that may cause the app to malfunction instead of waiting the completion of current task .

Ionic 2 has a built in service for blocking UI and giving visual feedback to users when the app is executing some time consuming activity on background such as loading data from a remote database .

You simply use the LoadingController which is available from ionic-angular module

So start by importing LadingController

import { LoadingController } from 'ionic-angular';

Then inject it on the class constructor

constructor(public loadingController:LoadingController){...}

    let loading = this.loadingController.create({content : "Logging in ,please wait..."});
    this.auth.login('basic', {'email', 'password':this.password}).then(()=>{

When you are successfully logged in the method dismissAll() hides the loading indicator so you can continue interacting with your app normally .

Read the official Ionic 2 docs for LoadingController

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