Java tutorial

This is 2017 and still Java is one of the most popular languages for building enterprise applications and all sort of apps .

Java has known many improvements to incorporate modern programming concepts so this tutorial will get you started with Java considering all the modern concepts introduced in Java .

The Java programming language is very used among professional programmers to build web ,desktop and mobile applications .It is also the native language of the most popular mobile operating system ,Android created by Google .

Java was developed by Sun Microsystems and today it is owned by Oracle .

Java is not JavaScript and has nothing to do with it so pay attention they are very distinct languages ,Java is a general purpose and interpreted language to build apps that run on a cross platform virtual machine where JavaScript is a scripted language of web browsers used to build client side apps that run on the browser or to add some interactivity to web pages .

Applications built using Java are cross platform ,you can build once and run everywhere there is an installed Java virtual machine or JVM .

Watch this funny video about Java apocalypse

What types of applications you can build with Java ?

We can build multiple types of applications using Java such as

  1. Desktop GUI based applications .
  2. Applets which are Java apps incorporated in web pages .
  3. Android mobile applications .
  4. Web applications .
  5. 3D applications and games .

Should you learn Java in 2017 ?

When you want to decide if you should learn a programming language ,you need to consider two things :

The first thing is what kind of programming you want to learn and types of apps you want to build .

The second ,the market i.e can you find a job as a programmer for that particular language ?

It is not really about the language itself because all modern programming languages have powerful features and concepts to satisfy real world requirements and also there is no programming language without its own set of deficiencies and problems ,but it is about the language market and your needs .

So when it comes to Java language ,it is one of the top 3 or even the first most used and important language in the world for many years where it is used mainly in two development areas .

  • Web apps development for enterprise (large corporations ) .
  • Android apps development where Java is the native language of the Android platform .

These two areas are dominated by Java language but you can also use Java for many other areas like game development .

So should you still learn Java in 2017 ?

The obvious answer is yes .Java is still a required language and it is not going anywhere on the nearest future .

As you can see Java is ranked on the second position just after SQL for the number of jobs in 2016 .

Another study from shows that Java is still at the top in its 20 year anniversary .


Java has been around for 20 years and still ranks on top among most popular and used programming languages in the world .It is everywhere from the cloud infrastructures to web apps ,mobile apps and embedded applications .

In the next post we are going to start by installing the required tools to develop and run Java apps .




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