Java tutorial : Install development tools

One of the strong points of Java is portability thanks to its virtual machine .The Java virtual machine or JVM abstracts away the differences between operating systems and allows your apps to be used with Windows ,MAC and Linux without having to modify anything in the source code or to rebuild the app .Just write once and deploy everywhere ,you only need to install your operating system version of JVM .

After compiling your Java source code ,the compiler will produce an intermediary byte code language which can be interpreted by a JRE or Java Runtime Environment so you don't worry about your application portability since the byte code can be executed by Java virtual machine across all operating systems .

To make things easy for you ,you need an IDE or an Integrated Development Environment which can make the tasks of writing ,testing and debugging your code easy and quick

There many IDEs that support Java such as Eclipse and Netbeans .

Now lets install the required tools to start developing Java apps .

Installing the JRE and JDK (Java Development Kit)

Start by downloading the JRE and JDK from the official Oracle website

You can either download the Java platform 8 or JDK 8 alone or with the NetBeans IDE .

You have noticed that the Oracle website offers downloads for both JDK and JRE so what the difference between the Java platform or JDK and Java Runtime Environment or JRE ?

JRE is a runtime which executes or run Java apps .It has to installed on your machine so you can run apps developed with Java .

JDK is a platform which is only necessary if you are developing Java apps .It includes all the tools for compiling and building your Java apps but also the JRE .

So click on the download link for the JDK which will take you to page that contains versions for major operating systems .

Choose the right version for you ,download it and install it .


So to run Java apps you need a JRE but if you need to build Java apps you need to install the Java platform or JDK . You can also use an IDE such as Netbeans or Eclipse which makes development tasks easier for you .In the next part we are going to create our first Java application and show you how you can compile it and run it ,see you there .




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