Prototyping Websites With Jekyll

Since I've discovered this amazing tool - Jekyll. I've used it for creating my static websites and blogs. Jekyll is a nice and powerful choice, for you, if you think about replacing WordPress for your blogging needs.

Jekyll has everything bloggers need but with a static fashion, static here doesn't mean no interactivity or JavaScript it only means no database access and no server side processing, the only task of the server is serving the requested files.

If you remember your first computer course about computer storage then you probably remember that before databases people were using flat files to store data but for the sake of many reasons such as:

  • data access speed,
  • security etc.

What Jekyll did is going back to use files for storing data.

Besides using Jekyll as a blogging platform, you can use it for any other type of static websites which don't need database access or server side processing such as JavaScript apps which run completely on the browser and which don't rely on the server, only for serving files,also JavaScript browser games which don't need multiplayer functionalities etc.

Recently I'v discovered another great way for using Jekyll. Since I build websites and web applications for clients and for my own personal use, the kind of websites that require heavy database access or API endpoints. Providing an initial prototype is requested by many clients, Jekyll allowed me to prototype quickly without the need for database access with the features it has such as frontend matter, YAML, pages, data files and collections so I can build a static website and simulate database data using collections and data files.

Jekyll also allows me to quickly test new ideas for my personal projects so I don't have to build a database or server backend before I make sure the idea is realizable.

Jekyll compiles your Sass files automatically and generates you css files so you don't need any other system to compile your Sass.

So that's all folks! Jekyll has helped me a lot since I've discovered it many yeas ago. so I hope it will help you too, as I said before you can use it for many tasks,to power your blog website, to prototype your projects or your client projects etc.

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