How to remove Powered By Shopify Link From Footer in Shopify store

Shopify is a hosted ecommerce solution that enables anyone even without coding skills to create an ecommerce website with everything he needs to sell merchandise online and get paid via many processor systems .

Shopify has proven to be the best software for ecommerce these days .Without much technicals details you can open a store in about 5 minutes and start selling and getting paid without having to mess with all technical aspects of ecommerce websites or hire an expensive developer .

In this small guide I'll show how you can remove the Powered By Shopify link from the footer of your store theme .

You can do this in few and easy steps :

First of all ,head over to the admin interface of your store .

Go to themes

Click Edit HTML/CSS

Go to footer.liquid source file

Search for string "Powered by Shopify" then remove it .

Then finally hit Save

If you check now yo'll notice there is no Powered by Shopify link on your store theme .

That's it ,that was a quick tip for Shopify store owners .See you on other more advanced Shopify tutorials .

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