PHP Tutorial

In this tutorial, we'll learn web development with php and we'll compare php with various solutions such as Python & Django and Ruby On Rails

Using Laravel with Docker and Docker-Compose

In this tutorial we'll learn how we can use Docker/Docker-compose to develop and run Laravel applications locally.

PHP Tutorial with MySQL: REST APIs

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to build a simple real world REST API with plain PHP.

Handling/Disabling CSRF in Laravel 5 when Using JavaScript/Ajax

In this article we'll see how you can handle CSRF token in Laravel applications using a JavaScript/Ajax front-end and then how to disable CSRF checking for specific routes.

PHP Tutorial with AngularJS 1.6+

In this tutorial you will learn, step by step, how to build websites with plain PHP 7 (next tutorials will be dedicated to advanced frameworks such as Symfony, Laravel 5...

Laravel 5.4 tutorial for beginners

Laravel 5.4 tutorial for beginners