Vue 3 New Features and Release Date

Vue 3 New Features and Release Date

In this post, we'll see a summary of the new features coming with Vue 3.

What's Vue 3?

Vue 3 is the upcoming version of Vue.js that was re-written from scratch using TypeScript.

Evan You, the creator of Vue, announced it back in 2018 at Vue.js London.

What is the Release Date of Vue 3?

At this time, there no officially exact release date, but the roadmap shows the official release is planned in Q1 2020.

Vue 3 New Features

According to Evan You, Vue 3 will be faster, smaller, more maintainable, and easier to target native development.

In more details, these are some of the new features of Vue 3:

  1. Class-based components and ES2015 classes,
  2. Fragments, which allows you to have components with multiple root nodes,
  3. Portals, which allows you to render content outside of Vue’s mount element,
  4. The Composition API, which is similar to React Hooks, a new syntax that allows you to use functions for organizing your code by feature not operation,
  5. TypeScript support, Vue 3 is built-in TypeScript and allows you to optionally use TS for development.
  6. Modularity
  7. Virtual DOM rewrite for faster performance
  8. Slots Generation optimization (separate rendering for parent & child components)
  9. Static props hoisting
  10. Hooks API (experimental)
  11. Time Slicing Support (experimental)