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Angular 2 Overview - what is Angular 2 ?

Angular 2 - Setting up development environment

Angular 2 - Your first app ever !

Angular 2 - Understanding your app structure

Angular 2 - Understanding modules

Angular 2 - Understanding components

Angular 2 - Understanding templates

Angular 2 - Understanding metadata

Angular 2 - Understanding data binding

Angular 2 - Working with user input

Angular 2 - Working with forms

Angular 2 - Understanding services and dependency injection

Angular 2 - Understanding directives

Angular 6 Overview - what is Angular 2?

Angular 6 is an open source client side framework for building web desktop and mobile apps with a component based approach. It is built and maintained by Google.

Angular 6 is the latest version of Angular, it was rewritten from scratch with TypeScript language which is a super set of JavaScript built by Microsoft, TypeScript is a modern OOP (Object Oriented Programing) language and unlike JavaScriptit is strongly typed which adds more security and readability.

Unlike Angular 1, Angular 6 is component based framework which simply means that your app needs to be considered or perceived as a set of components with a parent and root component which bootstraps the application.

Angular 6 can be used by JavaScript, Dart or TypeScript. The recommended language to use is TypeScript but you are freeto use any language you prefer.

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