Angular 15 pipes

Angular 15 pipes

Angular pipes are a useful feature that allows you to transform data within your templates. In Angular 15, the framework introduced several new pipes and made improvements to existing ones.

One of the new pipes is the dateFormat pipe, which allows you to format dates in a template using a specified format string. For example, you can use it to display a short date format like MM/dd/yyyy or a long format like EEEE, MMMM d, y. This pipe can be particularly useful when working with dates coming from an API or a database, as they may not always be in the desired format for display.

Another new pipe is the i18nSelect pipe, which allows you to select a value from an object based on the current language. This is useful for displaying translations in your templates. For example, you could have an object with translations for different languages, and use the i18nSelect pipe to select the appropriate translation based on the user's language preference.

In addition to the new pipes, Angular 15 also made several improvements to existing pipes. The async pipe, which is used to unwrap values from an observable or a promise, now supports a new null value for the onError parameter. This allows you to specify a default value to display when an observable throws an error.

The number pipe, which is used to format numbers as text, now supports a new minimumIntegerDigits parameter. This allows you to specify the minimum number of integer digits to display, which can be useful for displaying large numbers with a consistent number of digits.

One of the most significant improvements in Angular 15 is the performance of the decimal and percent pipes. These pipes, which are used to format numbers as decimal or percentage values, have been optimized to run faster and use less memory. This is particularly useful for applications with large data sets or for displaying numbers in real-time.

In summary, Angular 15 introduces several new pipes and improves the performance of existing ones. These pipes provide a convenient way to transform and display data in your templates, making it easier to build user-friendly and visually appealing applications.