Angular 15 release date & new features

Angular 15 release date & new features

The new Angular 15 version of the framework for developing client-side apps will make development easier for frontend developers.

Google's Minko Gechev is the lead engineer on the Angular team, and he has stated that Angular 15 will be released in November.

The upcoming update in November will deprecate the Protractor testing framework, introduce a new way to compose UI logic, and stabilize APIs for standalone components. A team of developers has been hard at work on the beta version of Angular 15 for the past few months, and the release of Angular 15, which includes significant upgrades to the framework, is expected within the next few weeks.

In a nutshell the new features include:

  • Reuse of UI logic
  • Image directives
  • Stable APIs for standalone components
  • Improved Zone.js debugging
  • Deprecation of Protractor, etc.

Developers are preparing to release Angular 15, the latest version of the framework, which includes numerous enhancements and new features, in the coming days. It would feature a new way to compose UI logic and a more stable set of APIs for standalone components, making it easier to create applications.

Angular 15 will feature a directive composition API for building user interface logic. It goes without saying that the user interface (UI) plays a crucial role in all other aspects of web design and development. Displaying data on the screen is an example of UI logic, and a reusable UI component is a piece of code that can be implemented in multiple places.

Following a tweet by Minko Gechev, the next version of Angular 15 will introduce a new way to compose UI logic that should make development easier.

Along with the Angular 15 release, the Angular team hopes to publish MDC (Material Design Components) as a stable web framework.