Angular 7!

Angular 7!

After Angular 6, Angular 7 beta is here. The Angular Team released Angular 7 beta.1 which brings many bug fixes and features.

Angular 7 Features

Let's see the new features of Angular 7:


Angular 7 added a new life-cycle hook (ngDoBootstrap) and interface (DoBootstrap). For example:

class AppModule implements DoBootstrap {
  ngDoBootstrap(appRef: ApplicationRef) {

It's used for bootstrapping modules that need to bootstrap a component.

The Angular Compatibility Compiler (ngcc)

Just like the name suggests, this compiler will be used to transform the node_modules compiled with the ngc to node_modules which are compatible with the new Ivy renderer.

Better Error Handling

Also Angular 7 has an improved error handling for @Output if property is not initialized.

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