Best free responsive Jekyll themes

Jekyll is the most popular static site generator which can be used to create websites ranging from simple personal sites and portfolios to full featured blogs,it can even be used as an alternative to WordPress.

Jekyll has a great built in theming engine backed by Liquid ,a very flexible templating engine that you can easily learn and start using to build your own Jekyll themes,provided that you know the basics of web languages,HTML,CSS and maybe some JavaScript if you need some interactivity .

But if you don't want to build your Jekyll powered website from scratch or you don't have time to do it.I introduce you to a set of free,responsive and nice looking themes that you can use and/or customize to your own prefered site's look.

So lets start ,here is my favorite list of Jekyll themes among lots of free Jekyll available and can be found around the web


This is a clone of Casper which is a clone of Ghost blogging system.


If you have a product and want to build a website for providing previews you can use Jekyll with this theme for a nice looking and free website (except for the domain name which costs around 12$)


As the theme name suggests ,this is a theme for corporations and businesses.

Clean Blog

This can be used for personal websites


A great theme if you need a website for your business/agency

Hello Jekyl Theme

Jekyll Starter Theme

Jekyll Starter Theme v2

Jekyll Minimal Theme

Jekyll Bootstrap Theme

Minima ,Ruby gem

A theme for writers


a bold typographic theme inspired by Swiss design


A simple and elegant theme


A Two columns theme


So that's it for this post,good luck choosing a good free theme for your Jekyll website.

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