Cordova tutorial : Overview

In this Cordova tutorial you are going to learn how to build a cross platform mobile application for Android or/and iOS ( and even Windows Phone ) .

If you have a responsive web application that you want to convert to a mobile application or if you want to build one from scratch using only web technologies namely HTML ,CSS and JavaScript then this tutorial is for you. No Java ,Swift or C# skills are required ,in the same time you can target the three most popular mobile platforms with the same code base .

But first of all ,lets start with an overview of Cordova .

So what is Cordova and what it can do for you ?

Apache Cordova is simply a platform for building hybrid mobile apps with web technologies .It allows you to take a bunch of HTML files ( with CSS and JavaScript ) and wrap them in a container ,which is a headless and hidden web browser. Not just that ,you know mobile apps need access to native device features such as the Camera ,the SIM card or the contacts list ,just to name a few of them ,so Cordova has a set of API which allows you to access native features from JavaScript code .

Many developers ask ,what is the difference between a responsive web app and a mobile app ,the key differences are :

A mobile app can be distributed from the app store where responsive web apps are delivered from a web server.

Also a mobile app has access to native device features where web apps can not (well they can use the HTML5 API for acessing some features such as Camera and Geolocation with user permission ) or have very limited access .

So if you app needs one of these two requirements then you can use Apache Cordova to build it or convert your responsive web app to a mobile app very easilly .

If you are a web developer (a front end developer) who knows HTML ,CSS and JavaScript and you don't want to spend time and efforts learning a native language such as Java or Swift and your app requirements don't need to use extensive CPU or GPU power ,this tutorial is for you .We are going to show you how to get started with Cordova from scratch also we will learn how to use the most useful Cordova plugins for accessing native device features such as the Camera and the filesystem .

What you need to know ?

If you have ever built a client side JavaScript application with or without a client side framework such as Angular that will be enough to get started with Cordova to build hybrid mobile apps . But you can benefit from some knowledge of CSS styles or maybe a framework such as Bootstrap or any other styling framework so you can build a catching UI for your mobile application .

Also if you have some knowledge of some client side JavaScript framework such as Angular ,Backbone or even Emberjs that will be of a great help for you if you need to structure your app code in the most efficient way .

Now see you on the next page of this tutorial : Getting started with Cordova

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