Building SQLite 3 for Electron in Windows

Building SQLite 3 for Electron in Windows

In this tutorial, we'll see how to use SQLite 3 with Electron. We'll specifically look at how to setup SQLIte 3 to work with Electron in a Windows development environment.

Installing Electron is straightforward and easy but unfortunately that's not the case for SQLite 3 as it requires compiling to target the Electron ABI for Windows.

In nutshell. The steps required for setting up SQLIte 3 with Electron are:

  • Step 1: Installing Node.js and NPM for Windows
  • Step 2: Installing Electon, electron-prebuilt and electron-rebuild
  • Step 3: Installing SQLite 3
  • Step 4: Installing node-gyp
  • Step 5: Installing python 2.7 and visual c++ dependencies
  • Rebuild sqlite3 using electron-rebuild -f -w sqlite3

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