How to backup and restore a MySQL database with mysqldump

mysqldump is a very handy utility which can be useful if you work with MySQL databases ,you'll often need to backup your databases and restore them or import them back .

The mysqldump utility produces a set of SQL statements when executed against a database will create the same table structure and table rows or data.

mysqldump is fairly easy to use ,you can use it from the command line with different commands and options to tackle different use cases.

Lets see some practical examples to backup your databases with mysqldump :

Say you have a set of mySql databases ,you can backup them all with one command

mysqldump --all-databases --user=root --password > backup-all-databases.sql 

This will create backup-all-databases.sql file in your current directory which has a dump for all databases .

All the options are self explanatory --user and --password are for specifying mySql username and password .

If you need to backup only one database ,you just need to specify its name

mysqldump --all-databases mydb1 --user=root --password > backup-mydb1.sql 

Restoring and importing database backups

As you can see creating backups for your mySql databases is easy using the mysqldump utility .Restoring and importing backups back is also easy by using mysql utility .

For example ,lets import backup-mydb1.sql

mysql -u root -p < backup-mydb1.sql

This may take a while depending on your database(s) size .

Please note that you can dump either only database tables (structure) ,only data rows or both of them by default .

Make sure to see all available mysqldump commands from this link


You can also use phpmyadmin or other commercial solutions for advanced features when backing up or restoring your databases but still mysqldump can be very useful in most situations .

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