How to install and run metatrader platform or MT4 under Ubuntu 14 ,15 and 16

In this tutorial we are going to see how we can install and use the MT4 platform under Ubuntu .MT4 is one of the most used and most popular trading platform adopted by the majority of forex brokers today but unfortunately it’s only available for Windows and there is no support for Linux systems such as Ubuntu or any other distribution but guess what ? you have the possibility to use it under Linux too thanks to wine .If you don’t know what Wine is then it’s just a system which allows you to run Windows applications in Linux isn’t that awesome ?

Now which are the required steps to run our beloved MT4 under Ubuntu ?

First you need to install Wine .You can simply do that using the synaptic package manager so open up your terminal and enter the following .Make sure to sudo

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wine 

If you prefer to use the Ubuntu Software Center you can just search for “wine” then install its meta package .

After successfully installing Wine you need to grab your MetaTrader 4 installer file from your broker which is the same one you use for Windows then right click on it and open it with "wine windows program loader" option . That’s it from now on you can follow the same steps you normally use under Windows which is Next next …Finish :D

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