How to solve Specify The Proxy problem when installing MT4 under Ubuntu (Linux)

  • Author: Techiediaries Team

So you are a Linux guru and you want to trade Forex but your broker only supports MT4 trading platform which has no support for Linux distribution but since this is Linux you always have solutions so you found out about Wine which is system for running Windows applications under Linux .Now you are happy you can trade Forex from your prefered system .After downloading the MT4 setup file designed for Windows from your broker and after running it you suddenly stumble upon this little problem related to some proxy information no one knows

Specify the Proxy Server

At least this is my story with MT4 under Ubuntu but don’t worry I’ve successfully managed to find a solution for this problem too since we are the super Linux gurus .

So the solution is simple you just need to grab the complete MT4 files instead of just the installer which needs to download the files before it can install them .If you ask from where you can get them ? well install MT4 under a computer with Windows then just look for MT4 files under Program Files .You can use a virtual machine like Virtualbox to install Windows if you can’t do that for any reason then just download my own files from this link .

Here the complete steps :

Step 1 .Download the complete and zipped MT4 from this link

Step 2 .Extract MT4 in a location of your choice .

Step 3 . Run MT4 with Wine

Step 4 . Specify the information of your broker .

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