99+ Web Development Projects Challenges

99+ Web Development Projects Challenges

You can start by implementing these projects with JavaScript and then move to advanced libraries and frameworks such as React, Angular, Vue, or Svelte.

#1 — Create a To-Do App

Let's get started by developing a to-do app. The reason todo apps are so great for starter projects is that they have simple features, yet you can create a full-fledge, usable application in a matter of hours, while also learning key concepts in JavaScript. So what can you learn from this?

Todo app design

✨ Features:

  • Be able to add new elements to a list
  • Be able to remove existing elements from a list
  • Be able to rename existing elements in a list
  • Be able to see the number of complete and incomplete elements
  • Advanced:
    • Be able to create separate lists
    • Be able to tag and group elements
    • Automatically sorting complete and incomplete elements

🧠 Takeaways:

  • DOM manipulation
  • Interactions with checkboxes
  • For loops
  • Event listeners

📚 Resources:

  • Design
  • Tutorial: Build a todo app with JavaScript

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