PWA Tutorial for Django Developers

  • Author: Ahmed Bouchefra

In this PWA tutorial for biginners, you'll learn about PWAs and how to build Progressive Web Apps from scratch.

You'll learn about:

  • What's a PWA?
  • The core tenets of PWAs;
  • How to build a PWA from scratch?

What's a PWA or Progressive Web Application

A Progressive Web App or simply PWA is a web application that makes use of modern web/browser features to provide a native-app-like experience to users. PWAs need to have certain features such as offline support, web manifest, splashscreen and icons etc.

PWA Core Tenets

Service Worker

A service worker is a browser's technology that can be used as a network proxy for intercepting network requests in the client side. This can be used for implementing advanced features such as assets and data caching assets. You can use service workers to add PWA features such as push notifications and offline support.

Progressive Enhancement

Progressive Enhancement means that an application runs on different browsers but provide more features only if they’re available.

The Web App Manifest

A Web App Manifest is a JSON file that provides the name and description, among other information needed by a PWA. It allows users to install the PWA on the home screen similar to native apps without app stores.

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