Ruby on Rails 6 Tutorial: Build your First Rails 6 App

  • Author: Ahmed Bouchefra

In this tutorial, you'll learn to build your first Ruby on Rails 6 application from scratch. Rails 6 is the latest version of the RoR framework which brings new improvements and features.

Big companies like Basecamp, Shopify and GitHub have already started using Rails 6 in production.

In Rails 6, we have two major frameworks newly added, Action Mailbox and Action Text.

Action Text allows you to quickly add rich text content and editing to your Rails app.


You need a few prerequisites for this tutorial such as:

  • Familiarity with Ruby. Rails is a Ruby framework so you need to be comfortable with this programming language.
  • RVM (Ruby Version Manager) installed on your system. This will be used to install Ruby so if you alreay have a recent version of Ruby installed you don't need RVM. Rails 6 requires at least Ruby 1.5

Now, you are good to go!

Installing Ruby 2.6.2

We'll be using the latest stable release of Ruby - v2.6.2

You can install Ruby 2.6.2 using RVM. So go ahead and open a new terminal and run the following command:

$ rvm install 2.6.2

Installing Rails 6.0.0.rc1

Next, let's install Rails 6.0.0.rc1. Head back to your terminal and run the following command:

$ gem install rails -v 6.0.0.rc1

Creating a Rails 6 Application

Next, you can create a Rails 6 application using the following command:

$ rails new rails-first-app

Next, navigate inside your newly created application's folder and start your development server:

$ cd rails-first-app
$ rails s

You can then access your web application from your web browser at the http://localhost:3000 address.

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